Monday, January 17, 2005

Microsoft Support Rocks !!

It was my first experience with Microsoft Support. We were facing a problem of not being able to debug an Office (Word , Excel etc..) Addin component we were devloping under Through some of our contacts in Thoughtworks, we manged to get in touch with an XP Evangelist and BdotNet member Deepak Gulati in Microsoft itself. He promptly put us in touch with Leo, a Microsoft Support Engineer whose expertise was in Development Tools etc..
Leo was amazing in solving the issues we were facing, with regards to following up with us, and even accessing our machine with Remote Assistance to fix the problem.
He also made us understand that we were unable to debug the word Addin due to a conflict of dlls b/w (1.1 and 2.0 beta) . The problem was more so , because we were copying the dlls to the Word install directory for Word to pickup, which was not required, since Word picks it up from the install directory itself.
Now you know that if you are developing using Microsoft Tools and you have a problem which is out of your reach, you know whom to contact with your MSDN subscription.
Microsoft Support Rocks !


Tom said...

"Microsoft Support Rocks!"Good for you for thinking so, but millions would disagree.

Anand Vishwanath said...

Well.. atleast my experience with them so far has been really amazing.. Lets see how far it goes