Sunday, January 09, 2005

We are still backward in Urban India

For quite some time I have been wondering about how mature is the thinking of people in our Urban households. I got reminded of the same when I was watching the movie Swades. We show in big screen that a lot of castism and bias based on religion is prevalent in rural areas of the country. I went ahead asking myself the same question , in the context of our urban households.
For an important thing as marriage, we are still looking for bride/groom from the same caste , relegion sect etc.. IMHO this is true for almost 70% of the educated Indian citizens living in big towns and cities. We have still not been able to educate our own parents/relatives/friends to be more mature and broad minded in their thinking., which is really sad.

But there are definitely some people who are trying to do their very bit in the urban society. For example, Times of India Matrimonials, give a 10% discount on ads which do not demand caste and relgion. Way to go Times !


Anonymous said...

I also dont agree with the casteism in marriage(luckily my parents too think the same).

But I have somewhere that there is some scientific funda over marrying in the same caste...Not sure.. Anyway, I ll be heavily dependent on the matrimonial, when my turn comes... So wont curse that..


partha said...

Nice retrospection of the things. I fully agree with you.
But now the question is to get rid of this issue what needs to be done? Or the change in the positive direction will be an evolutionary process involving time and effort.....Most of the things remain unanswered :-(