Friday, February 04, 2005

I feel like a resource !

I did not know whether anyone will understand this but well.. its my blog so I can write anything.

I am a developer, and most of my job is to deliver a project with passion, with the best possible means,tools, practices and above all quality. I try to do my best everyday at work,mostly by writing nice code.

Sometimes I feel I am being used.. used like a resource.. used by managers of the team of course! Its like they put me on to something 'cos I might have worked on that before. Or maybe I can do it faster, or c'mon, noone else is ready to do it !

Think this happens to everyone. But people who are too focussed on their work do not recogonize it. Or maybe they do not care, or maybe they have given up and accepted it as their fate. Maybe they decided they will do the same when they become managers of that sorts.

I pity such people. Atleast I try to know when I am being used and if I cant do something about it, I feel bad about it, and can blog about it. :-)

Whats the solution ? What can I do ? Maybe become a manager next ? Will I be the same to the developers working with me ? Will I get carried away ? Dunno.

Till then.. as one Sports Illustrated catchline goes.." I will be playing poker.. and they will be playin me !"


Anonymous said...

Damn good one. Sometimes just feel like shaking my fists at them. And stuff like "We've to let you go." It's not my decision to go, bloody hell! I was moved. Why the hypocrisy when it's all staring you in the face? And people who just smile away happily and say their current project is the greatest and there are many new things...bloody don't tell someone you're learning new stuff just to justify you're working on bloatware. Heh.

Anand said...

In defense of the project managers, just as you work under technical limitations of Microsoft, the project managers also work under limitations imposed by the customers on money and requirements. These just happen to change a lot more frequently. Sometimes, there are better ways to manage things and sometimes there aren't.

The hypocracy you talk about is there, but its more in India than anywhere else in TW. Just because we are so removed from the customer, we live in this idealistic world that makes us think that we are above the customer limitations???? As a delivery unit we need to realize that we are not above these decisions. The customers are the ones paying the money to keep us on the project. They have every right to make the decision to axe someone and the PMs are the instruments. They have to make their best guess estimates as to who they can lose and who they can't. We also make the mistake of thinking that we are in a world where we think everyone is equal. No. There are definitely some people who are better than others given certain circumstances and the PM has the accountability and hence the responsibility to make that decision. I am sorry I just don't think that such decisions can be a totally democratic decision.

In short I believe the delivery resources in India (me included) are spoilt brats and bratesses and its about time we woke up to the realities.

Anonymous said...

I think the more you go higher, the more intense the feeling of "Being Used" becomes....

Sometime,I get a different kind of feeling. The feeling of "Being Manipulated".

Anonymous said...

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