Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Retrospectives and Six Thinking Hats.

I was reading the book Six Thinking Hats. I started thinking of how we can use this method in conducting retrospectives for a team.

According to me, the way Owen has been facilitating retrospectives for our team, it really comes close to what has been proposed in the book.

Blue hat (organizing..)

We lay down the rules of the meeting. No cross talks, participation is optional etc..

White hat (facts..)

Our Iteration Manager gets his funky Excel sheet up to see our velocity in the last Iteration, The stories we played etc..

Yellow hat (Optimistic.. )

We always talk about what went right, and what can go right.

eg:- "We can make the release successfuly " , "If we spend less time in standup meetings, we can be more efficient"

Black hat (Pessimistic, negative..)

We talk about what went wrong in the past iteration

eg:- "If the build machine is not any faster, it will affect our velocity"

Red hat (feelings..)

Everyone expresses there feelings, opinions , towards a certain issue, if they have any.

eg:- "I feel that everyone in the team should pair "

Green hat (new ideas.. )

When most of the issues are on the white board, we as a team put on the green hat to brainstorm on new ideas to solve a given issue.

eg:- "I think we should split the build to make it faster !"

Blue hat (organizing..now optional )

We note down most of our notes, and maybe put it up in the team area so that the team can benefit.

Wondering whether I am missing something here ... ?

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