Saturday, March 19, 2005

Reverse Engineering C# code to UML ?

All of a sudden , I was pushed into the world of UML for a couple of days. What if you had all the code , and someone wanted UML diagrams out of it.

I had tried this with Java code long back and Poseidon worked really well. For C# , there are not many commercial tools which generate class diagrams with all the relationships out of the box. I tried a lot of tools including Visio, Poseidon etc.. but the best was Visual UML . All I had to do was use the Reverse Engineer option on the menu , and select my project file (.csproj), and within seconds , my class diagram for all the classes in the project is ready. No complex GUI and no cumbersome menu options !


Reverse Engineering said...

I work in reverse engineering myself, and l like what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Visual UML is that good. I tried the code generation feature on the trial version. Firstly, the program 'hangs' often, there is sth wrong with deselection of a button. Secondly, how is differentiates multiplicity of 1 and 0...* is just sth like this "ClassB theClassB; ClassC theClassCs;" which is not meaningful. The ArgoUML now provides code generation for C# too. But i also found a problem with the multiplicity, if u try the same thing with Java you will know why.

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