Saturday, July 23, 2005

Flying Kingfisher Class

I recently flew Kingfisher Airlines from Delhi to Bangalore. More than the fact that I could get a pretty cheap ticket on a 4 day notice, there were so many other facts which realy makes this airline different.

What they believe in is to provide an amazing "Flying Experience". So as soon as I entered the airport I was escorted by a Kingfisher crew member who handled everything right from my baggage screening to getting me checked in the flight.

As I boarded the brand new aircraft, I could feel that this flight could be a lot different than many others I had taken. They had individual TV screens for each passenger, with quite a decent line up of TV/Radio programmes. I dont think any domestic carrier in India does this. The food served in the flight was a lot better than any other airline food I have ever tasted.

I booked my tickets through tele-booking which was simple and fast, but I also heard they have an online booking facility on there site which is quite amazing as well.

How can I miss the amazing crew huh ! They had an awsome line up of gorgeous ladies dressed in red and white, truly standing up to the Kingfisher class!

So if you are flying in the Delhi-Bombay-Bangalore sector I would highly recommmend trying out this upcoming airline !

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lost in Vegas

I had a blast with three of my friends during the long weekend of July 4. We planned to spend the best part of it (all the nights esp. ) on the Las Vegas Strip. Describing the night life in my limited high school english vocabulary would be a waste.. hence a short blog entry ;-) . We also happened to take an SUV to teh Grand Canyon where we tried to get a bit adventurous , trying to click snaps hanging around the cliffs.