Monday, August 29, 2005

No business for BAs.

I actually landed up in a weird situation a few days back when working on a story. The story asked us to implement a certain functionality as-is in the older website which we were migrating. The business asked us devs to find out what the functionality was in the old website, tell them, and implement the same as well in the new site !!! Adding more to it, there was no one to validate whether developer findings were correct or not.
Wonder where this will go .. scary !

Consulting in my own country !

Since last week, I am back into consulting mode. Whats different this time is that I travel within India itself. Most of us on the project do Mon-Fri and are back home on weekends. More than the work, I have been having fun hanging out with ThoughtWorkers after office , over dinner , playing pool etc... Most of us have numerous number of stories to tell by the end of each day !
The major plus point is that I get to have Indian food, and play a client facing role, all at the same time !. So no more surviving on pathetic veg soups / boca burgers for some consulting experience ! Whew !!!