Thursday, September 22, 2005

The World is Flat...

I just finished reading the book The World is Flat, by Thomas Freidman. It was really an amazing read. Thanks to Vivek Singh for motivating me to read it, by quoting interesting excerpts from the book time and again on our plane ride from Delhi-Bangalore. I am thinking of posting some excerpts from the book, which were really fascinating for me in my later post. While finishing the book at this hour in the night I remembered my childhood prayer

Thank you God for the food we eat..
Thank you God for the water we drink..
Thank you God for the birds that sing.............. and so on..

I think the next generation would most likely be ..

Thank you Man for the electricity we use...
Thank you Man for the internet we have...
Thank you Man for the mobile conn we made...
and Thank you Man that now the world is flat !

Another Blog of mine

I decided to start another blog with quite a weird theme. Its called I might die soon !

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Consultant Backpack

I have been traveling quite a lot this time of the year. Earlier it was to the state of New York, and now it is to New Delhi ! So I was wondering what a prefect consultant backpack/toolkit should contain ? For fun sake I thought of jotting down all those..

Lets see…

Laptop (of course !)
Network cable ( a long one if you dont have a wirless router, so that it reached ya bed !)
Wireless router ?
Thumb Drive
Writeable CDs

A decent book. (For the boring plane rides and the airport delays )
Water bottle
A toothbrush (huh !)
Cellphone (For the lonely long walks )
RSA ids ?
Minor stationary (pen,pencils, sheets..)

Frequent flier cards.
Credit cards.

.. More ?

Disabled due to technology – The shortcut handicap

I am so used to using IntelliJ or Eclipse shortcuts, that I feel handicapped without them. More so if my pair doesnt use them it gets even more irritating. Once it so happened that my pair was typing such a long java variable name, that I felt a strong urge to snatch the keyboard from him and hit the damn Ctrl space ( to use the completion feature in the IDE).

But what if you have all the high quality (read expensive) softwares running on limited hardware..... I have to run the IDE as well as the App Server together on my machine which uses up almost all of my RAM.

Due to the hardware limitations , my IDE runs really slow So earlier I used to find a method in a class using Ctrl F12(IntelliJ) or Ctrl o (Eclipse), but on this slow running version of Eclipse IDE , I have to use Ctrl F ;-)
More so, before I use a particular shortcut, I need to think twice whether its gonna consume a lot of memory and CPU cycles compared to navigating the code manually. Oh God !
Looks like I am heading backwards in time !