Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Consultant Backpack

I have been traveling quite a lot this time of the year. Earlier it was to the state of New York, and now it is to New Delhi ! So I was wondering what a prefect consultant backpack/toolkit should contain ? For fun sake I thought of jotting down all those..

Lets see…

Laptop (of course !)
Network cable ( a long one if you dont have a wirless router, so that it reached ya bed !)
Wireless router ?
Thumb Drive
Writeable CDs

A decent book. (For the boring plane rides and the airport delays )
Water bottle
A toothbrush (huh !)
Cellphone (For the lonely long walks )
RSA ids ?
Minor stationary (pen,pencils, sheets..)

Frequent flier cards.
Credit cards.

.. More ?


Anonymous said...

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ROhan said...

dude .. what about a camera ?????

How can u travel without a camera ???

Anonymous said...

what about a pack of condoms? in case you get screwed.....

Charlie (Colorado) said...


Seriously. You carry a nightlight in your toiletries bag, and plug it in in the bathroom. Then when you wake up in the middle of the night and can't remember what town you're in, you can use the nightlight to find the bathroom.

ShareKhan said...

What about your other blog? Did it die?

Anonymous said...

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