Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Disabled due to technology – The shortcut handicap

I am so used to using IntelliJ or Eclipse shortcuts, that I feel handicapped without them. More so if my pair doesnt use them it gets even more irritating. Once it so happened that my pair was typing such a long java variable name, that I felt a strong urge to snatch the keyboard from him and hit the damn Ctrl space ( to use the completion feature in the IDE).

But what if you have all the high quality (read expensive) softwares running on limited hardware..... I have to run the IDE as well as the App Server together on my machine which uses up almost all of my RAM.

Due to the hardware limitations , my IDE runs really slow So earlier I used to find a method in a class using Ctrl F12(IntelliJ) or Ctrl o (Eclipse), but on this slow running version of Eclipse IDE , I have to use Ctrl F ;-)
More so, before I use a particular shortcut, I need to think twice whether its gonna consume a lot of memory and CPU cycles compared to navigating the code manually. Oh God !
Looks like I am heading backwards in time !

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