Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What Gurgaon has and Bangalore does not !

While I was traveling in an autorickshaw in Bangalore ( The software capital of India ) over a weekend , we got stuck in a traffic jam in Airport road.. this was mostly because of the flyover work which has been in progress since last 2. years now and is not even 50% complete. Since we were stuck for a long time I started a small conversation with the driver asking him when he thinks the flyover will be built and he started cribbing about the pitiful progress made in that direction and had lost all hopes of its completion.

Weekdays I travel to a client office which is in Gurgaon near New Delhi from my house by a cab. There is again a flyover being built over the NH-8 which links Delhi to Gurgaon and there is almost always a traffic jam. I cribbed a bit about how sad the state of the road was, but to my surprise, the driver said “Saahab , ek do mahina adjust kar lengey, phir dekhna kya mast road hoga, “ ( “Just adjust for a couple of months, and then see how beautiful this road will become”). Such a positive mindset cannot be built among citizens without fulfilling some promises. The Delhi govt. has been on a real flyover spree and has built over 8-10 flyovers in last couple of years, some of them having over 20 passing combinations possible.

Also what struck me was this signboard in Bangalore saying “Flyover work in progress” and this signboard in Gurgaon saying “Flyover work in progress, please bear the inconvenience for a better tomorrow”.

Surely the citizens of Delhi have a brighter tomorrow for their life on the road !

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Laying back and watching the world for a while...

Its been nice to be back as a consultant, to my very own home town. I get to stay with my parents and eat home cooked food ! This is giving me a lot of opportunity to think and rethink certain important things that have been affecting my life , of which i never cared before. Some of these thoughts have led me to look at life at a different angle, which has been pretty cool !
I try to follow a strict 9-5.30 schedule in office which is giving me enough time to spend at home, with family and over the internet. I try to spend as much time reading books or blogs whichever is easily accessible.
So no late night pizzas at office, and no games ! ( No AoE for a while ! )