Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lost in Chicago

I was looking at the calendar after a long time, and saw that it was over a month since I had been in Chicago. Quite interestingly, this time around, there were so many of my friends and colleagues in town, that I never had a chance of getting bored. We have been making plans of doing something or the other everyday, from tasting new cuisines, checking out new pubs , making trips etc...

Among the most exciting things were sitting on the DisneyLand California Screaming roller coaster that goes 360 degrees, and the Universal Studios LA experience. The RockBottom brewery in Chicago saw me coming there thrice in last 2 weeks, and the last visit ended up getting a pitcher of beer and a tequila shot. The glazed Dunkin Donut and the Starbucks vanilla latte with the blueberry coffe cake have become a routine snack. The Hooters Chicken wings and beer combo was pretty interesting as well.

This has been my 3rd short visit to US, and quite weirdly, I feel like I am almost at home, or maybe not quite that far from it.

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