Monday, July 10, 2006

Natural Lighting

My colleague Zak once pointed out to me the importance of natural lighting in the office and the effects it can have on you. Honestly, I did not give it that much importance until I started working in our Chicago office. Our work area in Chicago had natural sunlight coming through all the time. The big and beautiful glass windows almost made us feel the outside weather, while sitting in the comfort of the office. However, the work area we have in Bangalore office , is far away from all the windows, and we totally rely on artifical lighting. While working here, I never know what time of the day it is, until I forcibly look at my watch or catch a glimpse of my laptop clock. Once I am too engrossed in work, I totally get disconnected from nature. This also leads to working, during crazy hours of the day, since I anyways do not get to see the sunlight.

Small things do make a difference indeed. Invite the sunlight to your workarea! Its powerful!

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Pradeep Gatram said...

Lets try working from the balconies using wifi :)