Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Are you still in your comfy shell ?

I start feeling very comfortable when my life is "routined". By that what I mean is if everyday morning I just get up and pick up my bike and go to office, write some code for the project I work for, and come back after dinner. Simple life, but it confines me to a certain shell. And that shell takes me away from a lot of good things. For example, in my case, if I go in my bike everyday, which I know how to drive pretty well, I never will learn driving any other vehicle. Also I would never know about the latest public transport in the city and their rates ( yeah the volvo buses) .

I am not saying you should take some "violin" classes, which if you do out of interest will be great. But what I mean is try and keep breaking out of your repetitive cycle in life. another example might be the kind of websites you read everyday morning. If you read , regularly, read sometimes. If you are a programmer and read all about .net, try reading Zen and the Art of motorcycle management and for a change understanding it ;-) .
If you read timesofindia, read the washington post or , The Economist to get an idea of whats happening in world economy.

You can start doing this very very easily. The motivation behind this should be that, if you are stuck to something comfortably, you are missing out on a lot the world has to offer. And of course you have one life and you need to make most of it !

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Zen and the art of motorcycle "management"?