Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Away days" from work should stick to that

Most companies have the concept of "Away days" . Many call it company retreat, office outing, picnics etc... I have no idea why but, the management of an organization always thinks of coupling this with some great speeches from the CEO on that day, or discussions on financials, or the company's latest products. Even if these "M" creatures know that everyother person will pass sarcastic/witty/humorous comments abou these sessions in the nearest restroom or smoking area, they will still continue to organize such things. Maybe, since they spend some money, they feel some "gyan" should be imparted from their side in a dilbert style even if not a soul wants to listen.

I say that you get the real money's worth if you can get everyone (Even the "M" types) in high spirits, with booze, cricket, football, dance whatever. An Away day should just mean fun,Fun,FUN and nothing else! It never solves any purpose otherwise !


taowen said...

I think that is because in Away Day, everyone will be back from client side. I know this is not applicable for TWI, but for other offices, this is a rare chance to have everyone together. So, "M" have to organize global roadshow together with Away Day to save cost, I thought.

Josh said...

I couldn't agree with your sentiments more!

Ganesh Subramanian said...

I mostly agree with your thoughts on Management talking on certain topics over and over again, however dont you think it is also a good opportunity for the management to touchbase with us common folks. If we do not like what Mm talks about we can always let them know what we are interested in hearing from them.

One of the reasons, sessions in a away day makes sense to me is that it gives some of us an opportunity to stand in front of peers and present/influence on topics. How many of us are willing to or feel comfortable addressing a group. I for one would prefer to make an ass out of myself in the group that I am comfortable with.