Saturday, December 23, 2006

I have been hit by the supernatural, its official !

You know this for sure, when the most weird things happen, which can happen to hardly 1 in a million people, and that 1 is you. Yeah.. it has happened to be more than once now, that makes me blog in the middle of the night !

My good ol bank sends me this notice "Dear Customer, We regret to inform you that the documents and proofs of identity and address given by you at the time of account opening have been fully damaged by flooding in the storage areas caused by heavy rains. The natural disaster was most unfortunate ". And more so they want me to submit the proofs of my identity and income documents all over again ! Wtf... ! As if I told them store my documents near a sea shore for kicks ;-) !

Here's another one . I just landed in Bangalore airport and waited near the baggage belt for my bag until the belt stopped and there was only one bag left on it. It was ditto similar to my bag, but I knew from the bottom of my heart, that it wasnt mine. And it wasnt. Some smart ass , took my bag thinking it was his, and might still be looking for his pyjamas in my bag, while I have his right here at the airport !

Cmon, how often such things happen to you on the same day ! Whew ! God Save me !


David said...

Im not sure if you got this so i'll send a comment to make sure ;-).

That mail is not a "once in a million" thing. It is a scam, look at how they start with "Dear customer" as they didnt know your name but know your address. All banks have backups for information like this and will never ask for personal information over email.

Take care.

Anand Vishwanath said...

No David.. I wish it was a scam. They have actually called me many times to get my docs verified again ! And when I have an account already with them why will they do this unless they mean it.