Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life on a slow gear.

It has been over three weeks since I am back from Sydney. I have mostly been on vacation in Delhi, lazing at home, doing nothing which is quite amazing. I have decided to opt for the slower lane to drive my life, for the next year or so, rethinking and changing my lifestyle to scale the near future. Should be interesting, updates to follow soon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Everything comes for a big price down under.

Even though, Sydney is such a scenic city, and so is most of Australia, all this really comes at a price. And that you find out after you have lived here for a decent time.

Everything here is expensive. Firstly books. You almost end up paying double the cost, if you buy it from any of the shops here like Dymocks, A&R, or Borders. It might just end up cheap, if you buy it on Amazon and ship it all the way from US !!!.

Electronics are another story altogether. A simple comparison would be a basic MAc book pro, which costs around 4000$ here, which is probably the most expensive price to pay for a Mac in (better part of ;-) ) the world.

Ah, and you can definitely forget about buying clothes here. Beleive me its insane !!! You would get anything you buy from here, for less than half the price in India. And I am talking about some decent stores here, like Billbong, QuickSilver, Myer, General Pants etc.. Same goes with shoes as well !

Maybe the only thing you can probably buy and take home, would be a bottle of wine !

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sydney to Blue mountains

Haven't been doing anything really exciting of late other than gulping beer and wine, so four of us here in Sydney decided to head for the "Blue mountains". The last time I went there was by car to see some cool cave formations. This time we decided to take a train early morning to Katoomba, and figure our way out on our own.

It turned out to be much more fun this time. After a good english breakfast at Katoomba , we took the so called "Explorer bus" which allowed us to hop in/out of the bus whenever we wanted, and took us to a lot of vista points around the mountains. The day being nice and sunny, we were greeted with great views of the mountain range, especially the popular "Three sisters". The cable car rides across the valley were mind blowing as well. The best part was actually a small railway carriage ride, which is considered to be among the steepest in the world. We also managed a couple of bush & cliff walks which led us to lot of great look out points.

Towards the evening we retired into a small motel, where we played cards whole night , ending with talking about Life, the Universe and everything ! The next lazy morning we woke up late and took a train back to Sydney, playing cards again for 2 hrs ! In all , a nice weekend getaway !

Sunday, May 13, 2007

"I say chaps..."

We bought a silly new dvd player today, and inaugurated it with the old classic, Fauji . It reminded me of those old school days, way back in 1988 (whew!) , when it was a great topic of discussion in school. It was also nice to watch it with Irfan, who had also seen it when it was first aired.

Fauji is really a classic, and if you want to catch a glimpse of the good old Doordarshan classic , do look here . (Needless to say that Shah Rukh Khan looks great in it. )

Monday, February 12, 2007

Incredible India

Spotted on the Monorail at Darling harbor, Sydney!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Size does matter.

A nice concept. Watching the sport on a big screen. I saw the Aus Open for a while last weekend, and this weekend I am gonna catch the Eng v/s Aus match on a big screen as well. The best part I like is , I dont need to go to a pub to get this kinda experience !

Cricket Australia ?

So .. luckily I got a chance to experience a bit of the Club cricket in Australia this weekend. Thanks to Abhik, the captain (er..PM) on my project who also captains a club team, for giving me chance to play :-). Though I did not have a gr8 contribution to the team score, I really enjoyed being on the field. You never get these kinda grassy grounds in India. And yeah, it was first time with a cricket ball, a white jersey etc..So.. indeed cool stuff ! ( Yeah I did take a catch , and did some decent fielding too )

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sunshine in Sydney

Its been more than a couple of weeks since I have been in Sydney. Of late I have been joined by my colleague Irfan. We share a 3b/r apartment bang in the middle of Sydney. From my past travel experiences this is one of the best houses I have lived in. Of course we pay a huge rent, but I do not mind that, since the firm we consult for, is housed in the building next to ours. So going to work is almost getting down our building , and getting up the office one.

Work is decent and challenging, and it keeps me occupied for most of the day. We start work here pretty early, around 8 am and finish by 5-5.30pm. Sydney has the concept of food courts, which are open during weekdays only. You get a lot of choices under one roof, and we have an awsome food court right opposite our office/apartment (u know its all so closeby ;-)). We head to the food court most of the time for lunch. And you know what, we get everything from kadi chaawal to falafal there !Evenings are morerelaxed during weekedays. We try to cook dinner by ourselves sometimes, or manage with ready to eats.

Weather in Sydney is awsome. It is summer, but being close to a water body,there is some wind chill which keeps the place cool atleast in the city centre. Sydney has an awsome train system, which connects to a lot of places, including suburbs. The bus service is also decent but I havent tried it yet.

People are really nice and helpful around the city. Yes, it is a cosmopolitian place with people from Korea, China, S'pore, India etc... I do not feel a lot away from home, because you get a lot of Indian food and Indian grocery easily here. There are quite a good number of Indian restaurants around the city.Moreover they play all the popular Indian movies within the city cinemas. Wonderful part is I see a lot of Chinese and Australian people also watching the movie. (Esp.Guru :-) ) Another thing I like a lot here, is that it is a cricketing nation , and I can actually watch cricket on the telly !

Have not been around much since I was staying alone all this while. But yeah, I did go to the Opera house, Botanical gardens, Harbour bridge etc... to click some snaps. Will be doing more of that from now on. My colleague Badri has been really helpful in showing me around the place. Some good experiences were, watch the Oz open , and the Cricket tri-series on big screens with a huge crowd cheering along , near the Opera house.

We tried out Coopers Ale, and liked it a lot. Our refrigerator now always stores a six pack of it. Thanks to Chris for recommending it :-). All in all , it seems like a city with a good mix of culture and mordenism. Will slowly explore more of it, and yeah, hoping to see a Kangaroo soon !

Cheers !

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Off to Sydney

I am off to Sydney tonight, for 3 months, as a part of another consulting engagement after the Mumbai one. Been lots of travel of late, but I guess this place will be a whole new experience for me ! Watch this space for more new snaps and updates ;-) (i.e if you have that much time on earth ! )