Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sunshine in Sydney

Its been more than a couple of weeks since I have been in Sydney. Of late I have been joined by my colleague Irfan. We share a 3b/r apartment bang in the middle of Sydney. From my past travel experiences this is one of the best houses I have lived in. Of course we pay a huge rent, but I do not mind that, since the firm we consult for, is housed in the building next to ours. So going to work is almost getting down our building , and getting up the office one.

Work is decent and challenging, and it keeps me occupied for most of the day. We start work here pretty early, around 8 am and finish by 5-5.30pm. Sydney has the concept of food courts, which are open during weekdays only. You get a lot of choices under one roof, and we have an awsome food court right opposite our office/apartment (u know its all so closeby ;-)). We head to the food court most of the time for lunch. And you know what, we get everything from kadi chaawal to falafal there !Evenings are morerelaxed during weekedays. We try to cook dinner by ourselves sometimes, or manage with ready to eats.

Weather in Sydney is awsome. It is summer, but being close to a water body,there is some wind chill which keeps the place cool atleast in the city centre. Sydney has an awsome train system, which connects to a lot of places, including suburbs. The bus service is also decent but I havent tried it yet.

People are really nice and helpful around the city. Yes, it is a cosmopolitian place with people from Korea, China, S'pore, India etc... I do not feel a lot away from home, because you get a lot of Indian food and Indian grocery easily here. There are quite a good number of Indian restaurants around the city.Moreover they play all the popular Indian movies within the city cinemas. Wonderful part is I see a lot of Chinese and Australian people also watching the movie. (Esp.Guru :-) ) Another thing I like a lot here, is that it is a cricketing nation , and I can actually watch cricket on the telly !

Have not been around much since I was staying alone all this while. But yeah, I did go to the Opera house, Botanical gardens, Harbour bridge etc... to click some snaps. Will be doing more of that from now on. My colleague Badri has been really helpful in showing me around the place. Some good experiences were, watch the Oz open , and the Cricket tri-series on big screens with a huge crowd cheering along , near the Opera house.

We tried out Coopers Ale, and liked it a lot. Our refrigerator now always stores a six pack of it. Thanks to Chris for recommending it :-). All in all , it seems like a city with a good mix of culture and mordenism. Will slowly explore more of it, and yeah, hoping to see a Kangaroo soon !

Cheers !


Krishna said...

Dude forget seeing on the tv and giant screens.. go for the finals of the current cricket series -

Sun 11 Floodlit Match 2nd Final - Australia v England
Sydney Cricket Ground

Damian said...

Ahhh coopers ale - damn i miss that!