Monday, June 11, 2007

Everything comes for a big price down under.

Even though, Sydney is such a scenic city, and so is most of Australia, all this really comes at a price. And that you find out after you have lived here for a decent time.

Everything here is expensive. Firstly books. You almost end up paying double the cost, if you buy it from any of the shops here like Dymocks, A&R, or Borders. It might just end up cheap, if you buy it on Amazon and ship it all the way from US !!!.

Electronics are another story altogether. A simple comparison would be a basic MAc book pro, which costs around 4000$ here, which is probably the most expensive price to pay for a Mac in (better part of ;-) ) the world.

Ah, and you can definitely forget about buying clothes here. Beleive me its insane !!! You would get anything you buy from here, for less than half the price in India. And I am talking about some decent stores here, like Billbong, QuickSilver, Myer, General Pants etc.. Same goes with shoes as well !

Maybe the only thing you can probably buy and take home, would be a bottle of wine !