Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mission Kashmir - Take Off (Day one )

An impromptu decision to actually take a vacation a few weeks back, made us sit on a plane all the way to Srinagar (yes you read it right, its in Kashmir). At that time Sreekant (a.k.a Gabbar) was in China, Ranjan was in Pune, Akshay, Irfan and me the only ones in Banaglore. Considering the unpredictability of our work, life, and habits, I would say it was really a miracle that all 5 of us made it to the Bangalore airport at six in the morning on a Sat. Gabbar felt it was a great achievement looking back at his track record of how many flights he had missed. Akshay was also pretty pleased with the effort he had put in to wake up after getting drunk for some unknown reasons, the previous night.

Kingfisher airlines provided us with some decent breakfast and then we landed in Delhi. Our connecting flight to Srinagar was after 2 hours. We managed to find a lounge bar at the airport where few of us got some beer. We also managed to get some coffee, some muffins, and even a mc donalds burger at the airport. All this, just about an hour after having breakfast on the plane !

We were all excited about the next flight to Srinagar, since no one had actually gone there other than Irfan who was actually a local (Now that was one of our main motivations for this trip ;- ) ). The view from the flight was not great since it was a cloudy day. But once we came out of the airport after clearing the formalities, we were greeted with such a sceneic view of the valley, which no words can describe. To top it all, the fresh and cool breeze blowing, was priceless to us bangaloreans. Irfan ensured that we got a taxi and reached the guest house which he had arranged. The guest house itself was beautiful, set in a quiet residential area, with a big lawn in front of it. Some of the servants there were actually playing cricket and we joined them. We played for almost 3 hours in the cool breeze and it was mind blowing.

Irfan called us home for dinner. Irfan's mom had cooked the most delicious dinner that some of us would have had in the last 10 years ! I wont go into the details of it as it might need another blog entry by itself, but that just rocked the day !!!

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