Monday, September 28, 2009

Why auto drivers offer the worst customer service ?

Imagine you hail an auto to go a remote residential place from a city hub at 9pm after doing your shopping. The auto driver stops promptly, allows you to get in, and without a word turns the meter on, after asking where you wanted to go. After a smooth ride, you even tell him to get into the small gali which leads to your house. Once you reach your doorstep, the auto driver looks at the meter and calls out the fare. You pay him putting on a thankful smile on your face, as he takes it and drives away.

What is the probability of this happening ? Well.. maybe 5% ! But why do the 95% auto drivers behave this way ? Why do they not offer a good customer service ? Because driving an auto is not a business where you can retain customers. Cmon when have you boarded the same auto which you took last week to go the mall. Even if you did , you wont remember. And that is why an auto driver has no incentive in making a good impression while he is dropping you home. Instead he tries to extract the most out of you by charging a fare over and above the meter, dropping you way before your house and leaving after cursing you. Cos he doesn't care, you are never gonna show up again !

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