Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just Books, Bangalore is a promising startup running crappy software

JustBooks is a Book Rental startup incubated by IIMB. They have a fairly decent pricing model where u can take 2 books at a time for 150/= a month in the basic plan.

Since the book store is conveniently located at 12th Main, Indiranagar, I promptly went there to get a membership. The store is kept quite neatly and boasts of touch screen kiosks to search books under an air conditioned roof, with a good collection of books and comics on the shelves.

The sad part though, is that when I asked the lady at the counter to add me as a member, she struggled. She had taken the money from me, but the software she was using could not do the basic user scenario of "Add a new member" and it crashed. I was feeling more embarrassed thinking about the state of the software they were using, and for a startup out of an Indian IT Hub B-School. A small glance at their website shows how pathetic it is. I think people made better library applications as a part of their college projects.

I sometimes wonder what this indicates ? Does this show how serious we are about building software for an Indian Business ? Maybe customers in India are not really that demanding when it comes to the software they use ?

What I am sure of, is that someone tried to source really cheap labor to do a shoddy job.