Sunday, September 12, 2010

A CWG lane, but why not a carpool lane in Delhi ?

As the Common Wealth Games of 2010 drew closer, the Delhi government realized that looking at how the peak hour traffic is on the Delhi roads, the athletes probably will never reach the venues. Hence they decided to earmark one lane as the CWG lane, exclusively for the CWG vehicles to pass through smoothly.

The NH8 expressway is choc a bloc of traffic during weekdays with people driving their cars bumper to bumper for over an hour. Below pic shows how bad the scene is at the NH8 toll gate which can take you over half an hour to cross at 9 am.

My suggestion is why not convert the CWG lane on NH8 for instance to a car pool lane. In the above pic, 95% of the cars would have only one occupant who is driving to work all by himself. A direct result of subsidies on cars in Delhi region and people wanting to show off their 4 wheelers on Delhi roads. The traffic havoc is a direct result of this.

By converting the CWG lane to a carpool lane, we can encourage citizens to carpool to work. People can easily find neighbors travelling to the same location of work using websites like these. The carpool lane is strictly reserved for cars with more than a single occupant. Since the fine system is already in place, there would be nothing more which needs to be done. Looking at the brighter side of CWG, one might have a solution for the traffic nightmare in Delhi !